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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tux Paint

Two weeks ago I downloaded Tux Paint onto the four computers in my classroom. After modeling for the children, they began using Tux Paint in the classroom. They absolutely love it! The past two weeks the children have used the program on their own, creating a wide-variety of pictures and stories. I plan on ending our insect unit with a differentiating culminating activity. The children will demonstrate what they know about insects by creating one using a variety of familiar resources. I plan on having Tux Paint available for the children to use as one of the resources. The program is developmentally appropriate for this age group (KIndergarten) and the children are highly motivated to use their creativity!

I also have a practicum student from the University of Delaware in my classroom one day a week. She is taking a course similar to EDT 500. Her first lesson is to have the children build computers from a wide-variety of materials (cardboard boxes, paper tubes, etc.). The children will have a resource book of computer parts available and will take pictures of their computers when finished. I think the children will enjoy this activity.


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